Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


You will benefit by going to IOP

An IOP is a place you go for nine hours of group meetings every week. In these meetings, you will get therapy.

You will explore the triggers that lead you back to drugs and alcohol. And, you will learn to avoid them. Group members who have more time in recovery will help out the newcomers.

Getting back in touch with people

When you take drugs or drink, you lose touch with other people. It is important to find your way back. It takes practice. IOP groups guide you. So, you learn to help and support each other.

Learning new skills

You will practice and master skills that you need to live in society. With your group leader and your recovering friends, you will work on these new skills together. You will learn to face your problems. Then, you will solve your problems. Drugs and alcohol must never be the solution to any problem.

Dealing with stress

We all deal with stress on a daily basis. Stress can get out of hand. In IOP, you will learn how to keep stress from ruling your life. Hence, stress management is very important.

Assertiveness is also important

The most important thing that you must be assertive about is staying clean no matter what. Hence, you must assert yourself and say no to drugs and alcohol in all situations. Your family and friends do not always understand this. In IOP, your fellow group members do understand. So, your leader will guide the group in this area.

Most important of all, relapse must be prevented.

Relapse is when you return to using drugs. This must be avoided. The chaos of relapse often leads to jail or death. Even if it doesn’t go that far, it always causes damage in your life. IOP groups help you to identify triggers to avoid.

You may need individual counseling

Private counseling is a great way to maximize the benefits of the group. Your counselor can talk to you about what you have learned in group. Then, your counselor can help you to understand your new skills and put them to use. If you have other mental illness issues, individual counseling is important.

Life balance is your goal

The purpose of IOP is to find balance in your life. The ultimate goal is to stay clean. In staying sober and clean from drugs, you must also learn to live among other people. You will learn to live and work and enjoy life. Therefore, IOP helps you to discover how to live the life of your dreams without drugs or alcohol.