Partial Hospitalization Program


PHP is a step to healing

During your stay in PHP, you will make progress and you will also plan for the future. You will learn and experience what is available to help you stay clean and sober on an ongoing basis. There are 12-step meetings, sober living homes, and other programs available. You may even continue in a similar IOP program that takes up less hours of your week. In PHP, you will start to build the foundation for a new life of recovery and joyful, productive living.

PHP is an all day affair

PHP is a place for you to spend the majority of your day. You must be sober and clean from all drugs during this phase. At the end of the day, you can go home. You are not locked up in PHP. You are just here to get better.

Decoding the alphabet soup: PHP is like IOP

It can get a little confusing, hearing all of these three-letter terms. The fact is, the two programs are not so different. PHP lasts all day during most of the week. IOP lasts a few hours, a few days a week. Both programs use group therapy and individual counseling to help you to get better.

Group therapy: It just works.

The magic of a group meeting cannot be overstated. You don’t have to explain it in spiritual terms, though many people do. Something happens when recovering alcoholics and addicts get together to talk. In PHP, groups are structured. There is a trained group leader. However, the power of the group to heal and promote recovery comes from the recovering group members.

Individual therapy works as well.

While the group can work miracles for each member’s recovery, individual therapy is also important. PHP patients will work with a counselor in a one-on-one setting to explore addiction-related issues and solutions.

Avoiding triggers helps to keep you clean and sober.

There are many triggers in your life that can push you towards drinking or using drugs. Some are obvious. We all know that we should stay out of bars and delete the drug dealer’s phone number from our phone. Then, there are the less obvious triggers. So, if you know your triggers, you can learn to avoid them and stay clean and sober.

Learn to enjoy life again.

Learning how to live and enjoy your life today is an important part of recovery. You don’t need drugs or alcohol to enjoy life. You may not see that to be true in the beginning, but you will. In PHP, you will learn to recreate. You will learn to have fun and make friends without the need to get drunk or high.