Pompano Beach


Pompano Beach is your destination for Intensive Outpatient Therapy

While Treatment Discovery has the ultimate in drug detox and rehab centers in Pompano Beach, we especially take pride in our Intensive Outpatient Therapy. So, if you are looking for Intensive Outpatient in Pompano, look no forward. We have you covered.


Learning to live without the use of drugs or alcohol

In Intensive Outpatient Programs, you will find the tools to recover. You will learn what triggers you to pick up drugs or alcohol. Particularly, if you are a victim of the opioid epidemic, getting the proper help from the beginning is the key.

Private and Group Therapy are at the center of Intensive Outpatient Therapy

A variety of issues will be covered in depth. You will learn to deal with anxiety and anger. Hence, you learn to love yourself and to be happy while clean and sober.

Part of good recovery is good recreation.

While getting clean is important, even more important is staying clean. Part of your recovery is learning to have fun. So, how can you have fun without drugs and alcohol? There are a million safe ways to enjoy yourself while clean and sober. Pompano Beach is the perfect place to enjoy life. The weather is warm, the beaches are beautiful. People are friendly and welcoming.

If you are looking for Intensive Outpatient Therapy in Pompano, we have only the best.

It is a fact that Treatment Discovery is among the top programs in Pompano Beach. So, if you are looking for the finest in programs such as detox, rehab, residential, PHP, IOP, OP or sober living housing, we can help. In fact, we provide premium service at all levels of addiction treatment. So, we are here for you when you are ready to start a new way of life.