Boston Heroin Users To Have Medical Oversight Available


Boston Heroin Users To Have Medical Oversight Available

Health Experts To Chaperone Boston Heroin Addicts

If you use heroin, would you feel safer with a doctor watching as you use? In Boston, Massachusetts, this plan is being discussed. Boston heroin addicts may have help soon to stay well and stay alive.

Who will be watching?

Actually, it was not specified that it would be doctors standing by. However, it is certain that some form of health professional would be there. So, it possibly could be a paramedic, a physicians assistant or a nurse or nurse practitioner.

Where would this medical oversight happen?

This is the key part of the plan. The council members are considering special locations in the city.  At these facilities, the health specialists would be prepared to intervene if needed.

What if more Boston heroin addicts use more heroin because of this?

The fear is that heroin users will feel safer getting high. They will know that they have this safety net. It is certain that Narcan will be on hand. So, what if more heroin addicts use more heroin?

This plan may reduce heroin-related deaths and illness in Boston.

A similar plan has been put in place in Canada with some success. The hope is that Boston will have a similar outcome. Time will tell if this is true and Boston has a reduction in Heroin-related health problems.

Here is an idea that might also help Boston Heroin Addicts.

I think it is great that the council members want to reduce heroin caused illness and overdose death. However, there is minor change that could have great benefits. If the plan used doctors with experience in addiction treatment to oversee the facility, treatment could be offered on the spot.

Offering more help than just watch and rescue.

Rather than standing by and watching addicts use heroin, the doctors could give them an alternative. They could offer medical treatment to finally quit heroin for good.

Helping to save lives is a good thing.

Regardless of the implementation, the plan to help suffering addicts is a good idea. This plan gives hope that more lives will be saved.

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