Addiction Monster And How To Escape Him


Addiction Monster And How To Escape Him

The addiction monster tries to steal your soul.

It is a monster that wants to eat away at the very essence of your existence. Every time you go back out there, you leave behind another piece of yourself behind.

When you finally see what you have become, you can see the monster clearly. You run as fast as you can to get away. You can run to the other side of the world and not get away. The monster lives inside of you. It wants to eat you from the inside out.

In your travels to escape this monster, you will find places with light along the way.

These are safe places. Within these places of light, there is hope. The addiction monster cannot enter. He waits for you at the door.

When you enter a place of light, you will always find friends inside. You may not know them, yet you know them better than your own family. In fact, in a way, they are your family.

You can find these safe places everywhere when you know where to look.

They are places where recovering addicts gather to help each other to stay clean. The same goes for alcohol of course.

Some gatherings are fellowships for addicts and alcoholics only. There are no professionals, just recovering people meeting together to work on following a program together.

In addition to fellowships, there are also formal institutions.

These are also safe places for you to escape your addiction. There are detoxification programs to help get the drugs and alcohol out of your system safely. There are residential rehab programs, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs and more.

In these institutions, you will meet recovering addicts and you will also be cared for by trained healthcare professionals. When you graduate from your program, keep in mind that the addiction monster is always waiting outside at the gate.

Hope is not lost.

You now have strength to battle the monster. And, you will now know where you can go to be safe and to gather more strength. You are no longer alone.

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